May. 25th, 2010

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this is the pile of books on my coffee table that I am ACTIVELY "In the Middle Of." It is not my "to read" queue. It does not include the dozens of books piled around my desk and bed that I'm ALSO in the middle of but haven't picked up for 6 months.

It is beginning to depress me, because every time I start to read something I LIKE I have to put it down and slog thru 50-pages-a-night of some pretentious second rate popular (or Scottish) novel for the next book group meeting. I just KNOW that The Devil's Footprints won't be as good as I Capture the Castle, but I am now going to have to stop in the middle of a book I'm really enjoying to read one I don't particularly want to read.

I love my book group. Maybe I will just go to the meetings without reading the books from now on.

I didn't mean to imply that all Scottish novels are pretentious and/or second rate. I really liked The Yellow on the Broom.

The implication that all second rate novels are pretentious stands, however.

ETA: [ profile] tigertrapped, see that 2-inch pile of innocuous-looking newsprint near the bottom? that is a stack of Bunty from 1985 containing various episodes of "Catch the Cat." (and it cost me 45 p on eBay!)


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