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My "aftermath" post is 4 days late because Life, nevermind racing, interferes with LiveJournal. Can I just say that yesterday was Mark’s last day of primary/elementary school, my last day of a 10-year-long association with Viewlands Primary School, Sara’s last day of her beloved Guides/Scouts troop who are now DISBANDED because they are all too old, AND our 12-year-old goldfish died. The goldfish was as old as Mark, possibly older, and we have had it since we moved to Scotland. When I left the house to meet Mark at the end of his last day of primary school, Fizz was breathing - when I came home, Fizz was dead. Definitely, all things considered, the end of an era.

We have also been to Mark’s "Leavers’ Assembly," Sara’s senior school play, cricket practice, the supermarket, and the shortlist launch for the Scottish Children’s Book Award. Which Code Name Verity is on, along with (in the Older Readers category) The Prince Who Walked with Lions by Elizabeth Laird and The 13th Horseman by Barry Hutchison. (I am so pleased to have finally met Elizabeth Laird, author of The Garbage King and Crusade. Given that The Prince Who Walked with Lions is a book I wish I’d written - so much so that I actually have a folder labelled "Alemayehu" in my work-in-progress folder - I am extremely pleased about sharing the list with Elizabeth Laird. Also, we had an awesome rushed Ethiopian experience swap and we think she probably crashed overnight with my aunt & uncle (Susan & Rog) in Woldia in 1968.)

But I digress!

Yes, Sara and I completed the Race for Life without incident - the weather was only marginally more cooperative than last year, and I didn’t end up carrying Sara’s hoodie and water bottle like I did last year, either. I finished in 38 minutes and Sara in 34. So we were both slower than we were a year ago. I wasn’t really expecting to be faster as I was much more cautious about training this year, due to an achy knee which I do NOT want to encourage.

[livejournal.com profile] lauradi7 discovered that we are in Photo 23 on the Dundee Courier website - we are the woman in blue and the teen in the navy sweatshirt!

But here’s a couple of close-ups.

race for life 2 race for life 1

Here's our cheering section. The beak is from his school play parrot costume from last week:

race for life 3

Late donations still gratefully accepted - our online donation page is here:

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Sara has written lonely hearts column posts for Romeo and Tybalt. She is letting me share them.



Fair, passionate, poetry loving man, seeks beautiful and young man or woman. Enjoys bonding through late nights watching romantic movies and willing to marry at any time.


Cat loving, fiery, protective man looks for powerful woman who is adventurous and fun-loving. Must be interested in karate or fencing, and must enjoy and participate in street fights. Must not have allergy to cats, as he is the King of them.
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collected sara from music camp today... It is here, and it is LOVELY, but it looks even more like a respectable Officers' POW Camp in real life than it does in the pictures (the kids sleep 12 to a suite, 3 alcoves with 2 bunkbeds in each and an aisle between them about a metre wide). When I arrived the whole place was filled with the incredible sound of a piano quartet playing something GORGEOUS and classical--don't know what, pretty sure it wasn't Mendelssohn, but it reminded me SO MUCH of the scene in The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp where Candy goes to visit Theo in the prison camp, and the German officers are all listening to Mendelssohn, and Theo won't speak to him, that I got ALL CHOKED UP and had to blink back tears as I chatted to Sara's wind band conductor.

Fortunately the pianists then switched to "Give My Regards to Broadway" and Sara kicked me. "SHUT UP ABOUT COLONEL BLIMP, MUMMY."



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