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It has taken me a long time to actually load these. But there are some photos from this snowy weekend at Mt. Gretna here.
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we had an EVENTFUL trip. You could say we were "impacted" by snow.

We were the first plane out of Edinburgh into newark after the snow--arrived half an hour early at Newark, picked up our rental car and got out of newark with no trouble at all, the roads were completely clear, a beautiful day--temp. in the 40s F (about 6 C), sun shining. On the Delaware River bridge between the New Jersey Turnpike and the Pennsylania Turnpike a huge chunk of snow and ice fell off the steel girder bridge and smashed our windscreen! We pulled over at the toll plaza and sat there for 1) half an hour waiting for a state cop to come file an official Accident Report, 2) another 40 minutes on the phone (mostly on hold) with Hertz trying to find us a tow truck who would venture onto this no-man's land of highway between the 2 turnpikes (it is called the Pearl Harbor Memorial Highway), and 3) waiting another 40 minutes for Hertz to give the tow truck its official authorization to take us away. Then the tow truck drove us to Philadelphia to 1) deliver the dead car to the snowcovered graveyard of dead Hertz rental cars... they all wear little plastic hats (like lampshades) in different colors denoting the nature of their damage (ours had a green and a black hat, for glass and roof damage), 2) to deliver us to Philadelphia Airport to get a new car.

Up the Blue Route, a quick stop at Peter J Camiel service area on the PA tpke to feed weasels who had not eaten since sara threw up on the plane 7 hours earlier, and on to gretna. Got here about 7.30 p.m. having arrived at Newark at 11.30 a.m.

No one hurt! full insurance coverage on rental--and Mr. Chapman who lives behind gramma had dug me out a parking space with his snow blower. (I was upgraded to a "full size" at PHL, there are no SUVs anywhere). There is about 2 1/2 feet of snow here I think but it is melting--the icicles on the house next door are about 5 feet long, really amazing! we have some too. I will take pics.

Mr. Chapman has also said I can use his wife's skis!

hope I don't have any more excitement like this.

smashed windshield from driver's seat

and the view from the passenger seat

from the outside!


Feb. 10th, 2010 10:27 am
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oh my giddy aunt... me and mark and sara are supposed/scheduled to fly into Newark Airport tomorrow morning at 11.50. Uh huh. Then to drive three hours inland to Central Pennsylvania. I am becoming increasingly apprehensive.

Mainly I don't want to A) land in Newark and be stuck there, B) get halfway to Gretna and be stuck on the Turnpike.

Also, Mark has new snow boots but they are waiting for him in Pennsylvania! WHAT TO DO????

wish me luck.
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Yesterday a tree-cutting chap who was trimming the neighbors' willows offered me a reasonable price to do some trimming in our garden too. He was a bit of a cowboy and we haggled some. Every time he addressed me directly during our conversation, not knowing my name, he called me "my lady."

It came out very naturally, but at the same time was incredibly obsequious. He didn't have a hat but you got this ghost of a doff every time he said it--perhaps half a dozen times during the conversation.

It is sometimes UNUTTERABLY WEIRD living in Scotland.


Meanwhile, on the other side of the Atlantic, local businesses also carry on. Impossible to say how many times Royer's Flowers in Lebanon, PA, has saved my butt. Next to the osprey webcam they are quite possibly my all time favorite web site.

For example--this morning I shipped out a gift basket to my nephew whose birthday is today. He's asleep in his bed and I'm sending him a birthday present from 3500 miles away which will arrive sometime after he wakes up. I also love the way it was cheaper and faster to send my cousin a wedding greeting via Royer's, along with a bunch of flowers, than to send a telegram.

If, like me, someone sent you a wedding telegram, doesn't that make you feel ANTIQUE?


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