Jan. 9th, 2010

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Mark: "It's not my fault I fell in the snow. But it is my fault Sara fell in the snow."


[livejournal.com profile] steepholm asked if there was any chance of a Frost Fair. Not quite yet.

These pictures were all taken between about 3.15 and 4.15 this afternoon.

The pictures above were taken from the Queen's Bridge, looking upstream toward Perth Bridge (built 1766). I like the first picture better but the second gives a better idea of the extent of the ice. The river really is solid ice between the bridges (it's backing up against the Queen's Bridge). Here's the pile up at the Queen's Bridge, looking downstream:

Several times, in flood, I've seen the river reach the top of the arches.

The next picture is downstream of the Queen's Bridge:

The light really was gorgeous!

So then we crossed the river via the railway bridge and circled back up river via Perth Bridge. This one is taken from Perth Bridge, looking towards Perth, about an hour after the first pictures were taken:

And this one is of Perth Bridge itself, a little upstream of the ice. The reason it got so dark is not just because the sun went down--also the haar came in. (That's what they call sea mist all up and down the north coast of Britain. It's a Dutch word, I think.)


Me and Sara wanted to pay tribute to my awesome snowflake gingerbread cookies so we arranged them as a map of Great Britain!

(The little comet at the top is Orkney.)


the rant continues!


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